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Aras Coskuntuncel Adjunct Instructor School of Communication

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Aras Coskuntuncel completed his PhD at American University in communication in 2020, studying the struggle to control the flow of information in the digital era in the case of Turkey. His research explores the relationship between media, technology, and democracy, focusing on the privatization of governance, surveillance, and political economy of media. Aras teaches at American University and Catholic University of America, and he is a researcher at the Center for Media & Social Impact (CMSI). He graduated with his master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s media studies program. Before coming to the United States, he was the diplomacy and foreign news editor at the Hurriyet Daily News, an English-language newspaper in Istanbul, Turkey. Aras has presented and published his research in English and Turkish.


Spring 2020

  • COMM-100 Understanding Media

Summer 2020

  • COMM-365 Digital Media and Culture

  • COMM-443 Foreign Policy and the Press

Fall 2020

  • COMM-200 Writing for Communication