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Photograph of Arubah Khan

Arubah Khan Post-Doc Fellow Counseling Center

Ph.D. University of North Texas

M.S. University of North Texas

B.A. Georgia State University

Arubah Khan is a post-doctoral fellow at the American University Counseling Center, and received her Ph.D. from the University of North Texas’s APA-accredited counseling psychology Ph.D. program. She has worked with young adults, adolescents, and families in clinical training settings including university counseling centers in north Texas, and a community mental health clinic in Denton, Texas. Her approach to clinical work integrates time-limited dynamic psychotherapy, relational-cultural therapy, systems theory, and social justice perspectives. Her areas of clinical interest include: minority stress and the effects of systemic oppression, affirmative therapy for intersecting identities, family-of-origin concerns, shame, trauma (interpersonal, transgenerational, and sociopolitical traumas) and recovery, interpersonal difficulties, relationship issues, and experiences of students of color and first-generation students.