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Keum-Hyeong Choi

Staff Clinician Counseling Center

Dr. Keum-Hyeong Choi is a licensed clinical psychologist in District of Columbia and Maryland. She practices her clinical work primarily within the developmental perspectives and integrative therapeutic approaches. Her special interests include attachment and loss, construction of self and meanings in life, women and cultures, and counseling process/outcomes. Selected publications: Evaluation of Counseling Outcomes at a University Counseling Center: The impact of Clinically Significant Change on Problem Resolution and Academic Functioning (2010), Journal of Counseling Psychology, 57, 297-303.; Hill, C., Tien, H., Ma, Y., Sheu, H., Sim, W., Choi, K., & Tashiro, T. (2007). Predictors of outcome of dream work for East Asian volunteer clients: Dream factors, attachment anxiety, Asian values, and therapist input. Dreaming, 17, 208-226.Choi, K.H. (2002). Psychological separation-individuation and adjustment to college among Korean American students: The roles of collectivism-individualism. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 49 (4), 468-475.


Doctor of Philosophy, Counseling Psychology, Loyola University of Chicago

Counseling Center
Mary Graydon - 214
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(202) 885-3500

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