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Photograph of Benjamin Djain

Benjamin Djain AA AA

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CAS - Literature
Battelle-Tompkins - T 51
Tuesdays and Fridays 11am-12:45pm and 2:15-2:45pm or by appointment
PhD in English Literature, The Catholic University of America, 2019.
MA(Hons) in English, The University of Auckland, 2013.
BA(Hons) in English, The University of Auckland, 2012.
BA in English and European Studies, The University of Auckland, 2011.

Languages Spoken
English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Benjamin Djain is a Professorial Lecturer in the Writing Program at AU. He is a comparative early modernist who focuses on English and Spanish theatre. His doctoral dissertation, "The soliloquy in Shakespeare and Lope de Vega," was completed in May 2019.


Fall 2020

  • LIT-125 Lit Classics & Western Culture

  • WRT-100 College Writing

  • WRT-100 College Writing

Spring 2021

  • LIT-204 Hidden Figures/Cultural Calcul

  • WRT-101 College Writing Seminar

  • WRT-101 College Writing Seminar