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Erin Eaton Media Services Manager School of Communication

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SOC - School of Communication
B.A. Longwood University, Communication Studies concentrated in Digital Media

Erin Eaton has been immersed in educational environments for over a decade and acts as the Media Services Manager for SOC. She supports classroom and video production technology in the Media Innovation Lab, newsroom and the Media Production Center.

Erin has spent almost every summer working in summer camps, after school programs, and private institutions since she was 13 years old. For the summer 2018 she was the primary camp photographer at Camp Cody in Freedom, NH. Erin's video production experience is primarily in her freelance marketing and documentary work. She's been a contracted videographer and editor for Letterpress Communications: creating marketing content for the local universities, schools and small businesses in the Southern Virginia region. She also contracts as a Master Control Operator for the Agence France-Presse. She also worked as a Live Studio Operator for ESPN & Verizon Media.