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Pritma "Mickey" Irizarry Director, Health Promotion & Advocacy Center Health Promotion & Advocacy Center

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(202) 885-3255 (Office)
Health Promotion and Advocacy Ctr
Hughes - 105
M.A. Applied Sociology (UMBC), B.S. Community Health (UMD), Certified Health Education Specialist

Favorite Spot on Campus
The Amphitheater & surrounding gardens
Pritma ("Mickey") Irizarry has been at AU for 5 years as the Director of the Health Promotion & Advocacy Center (or HPAC). She is a native of the DMV area, having grown up in Montgomery County, MD, and is a double graduate of the University of Maryland system, with her bachelor's in Community Health from Maryland, and her Master's in Sociology from UMBC. Mickey's work at HPAC is centered on the concept that health and wellness is the foundation for success and the ability to thrive as a student, individual, and as a community. She has a niche interest in human sexuality and reproductive health, as well as sleep hygiene.