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Julie Baldwin Associate Director of Research School of Public Affairs

Additional Positions at AU
Associate Director, Research - Justice Programs Office
Scholar in Residence - Department of Justice, Law & Criminology
PhD - University of Florida (2009-2013)
MA - John Jay College of Criminal Justice (2006-2007)
BA - University of North Florida (2001-2004)

Julie Marie Baldwin, PhD, is an Associate Director in the Justice Programs Office at American University, a scholar in residence in the Department of Justice, Law & Criminology at American University, and a research professor in the Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Missouri State University. She specializes in translational and evaluation research with a focus on treatment courts, substance use and misuse, and subcultures including the military, law enforcement, and gangs. Dr. Baldwin serves a research partner and consultant for a variety of agencies and organizations and has extensive experience conducting multi-site evaluations and national surveys, fostering strong researcher-practitioner partnerships, and working with vulnerable populations, programs, legislatures, agencies, and other researchers. She also serves as editor in chief of Drug Court Review, associate editor of the American Journal of Criminal Justice, and on the editorial board of Justice Quarterly.

Dr. Baldwin is an internationally recognized expert on veterans treatment courts (VTCs) and continues to pioneer VTC research. She disseminates her work to a broad audience through peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, reports, and presentations. Currently, she has four VTC projects funded by the National Institute of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, and National Institute of Corrections. To date, she has visited 46 VTCs across the country and is actively working with 18 programs. Dr. Baldwin is also the co-founder and co-president of the Veterans Treatment Court Research Consortium and editor of the Veterans Justice and Mental Health Newsletter for the National Drug Court Resource Center.

Prior to joining American University, Dr. Baldwin was an assistant professor in the Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Missouri State University (2015-2018) and an assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (2013-2015). She earned her PhD in Criminology, Law & Society from the University of Florida in 2013. Before entering her doctoral program, she was a court analyst for the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division (2008-2009) and a paralegal and Freedom of Information Law administrator for Appeals Bureau of the Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorney’s Office (2007-2008). She obtained her MA in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Criminal Law & Procedure from John Jay College of Criminal Justice (2007) and BA in Criminal Justice from the University of North Florida (2004).