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Julia Moroles Theater Services Coordinator School of Communication

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(202) 885-2053 (Office)
SOC - School of Communication
McKinley - HUB
Certificate: Master Gardening

Minor: Religion - Liberation Theology

BA: Film Production

BA: Studio Art Production

MFA: Film and Electronic Media

Languages Spoken
Favorite Spot on Campus
Rooftop of McKinley
Favorite Place in Washington DC
Bishop's Garden of the National Cathedral
Book Currently Reading
A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn
Julia Moroles graduated from Augsburg College (MN) with a Bachelors degree (BA) in Film Production and Studio Art Production with a minor in Religion. After graduating, Julia lived in El Salvador where she taught film editing, art, and photography in Spanish. While she resided in El Salvador, she studied Monseñor Romero and the liberation theology movement of Central America.

When Julia returned from El Salvador, she completed an internship at a Think Tank in St. Paul Minnesota, called Minnesota 2020. During her 9-month multimedia specialist position, she created short documentaries focusing on different public policy issues. Her short documentary Colossal Costs closely analyzed higher education loan debt, and was screened in festivals from coast to coast.

In addition to her studies, Julia has been a photo activist for the Black Lives Matter movement, urban agriculture organizations in Minnesota, as well as numerous human rights campaigns (internationally).

In August 2016 Julia began a MFA in Film and Electronic Media for the School of Communication at American University. During her attendance at AU she created various documentaries that focused on social justice issues, female empowerment, and community engagement. Her documentary about AU's Eagle Endowment was honored at the house of the President of American University in 2017. On multiple occasions, Julia served as sound mixer while filming a documentary for the talented filmmaker, Larry Kirkman. Larry worked with the Center of Environmental filmmaking to research the necessity of science in government. Julia worked on a 16 person team (8 crews) that covered the March for Science in 2017 and 2018; she also assisted in filming congressional house parties with Larry Kirkman while working on the documentary. Finally, she was a part of a team that filmed interviews with the Defenders of Wildlife in preparation for the 2018 March for Science. Julia's team covered the media tent for two years of the March for Science and conducted interviews with the scientists and speakers for the rally.

From June 2017-December 2017 Julia completed a Fellowship for the Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute. She worked alongside Mahtab Kowsari to create educational videos that taught students at a graduate level for the Religious Freedom Center. Julia worked in the fast paced media environment creating the educational videos, promotional videos, filming and producing the educational lectures and she even created an educational social media campaign.

On top of completing a fellowship and assisting with the Center of Environmental Filmmaking, Julia acted as a Teaching Assistant to classes such as Editing, Web Development, Digital Image Editing, as well as Direction and Video Production.

Julia completed her MFA from the School of Communication; her thesis documentary From Buds to Blossoms discusses the importance of urban agriculture and the sustainability of it across the United States. The documentary is a 30 minute short that focuses on California and Washington DC. The documentary highlights the benefits of having communal gardens and growing your own food in a city setting. Currently, From Buds to Blossoms is being submitted to film festivals internationally.