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Photograph of Kimberleigh Westemeier

Kimberleigh Westemeier AA AA

Graduate Certificate in eLearning and Instructional Design, Northeastern University.<br />
Master of Arts in International Training and Education, American University.<br />
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Saint Joseph's University.

After graduating from Saint Joseph's University in 2012 and teaching English in Malaysia as a Fulbright in 2013, Kim joined American University in March of 2014. She received a Master of Arts Degree in International Training and Education at American University in May of 2016, and shortly thereafter joined the Center for Teaching, Research & Learning.
As an instructional designer in CTRL, Kim collaborates with faculty on all of their teaching-related needs. She enjoys researching new teaching strategies to build on their in-class successes, and likes brainstorming innovative pedagogical techniques with them to continuously improve the classroom experience.