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Photograph of Nia Abram

Nia Abram Assistant Director of Admissions Office of Enrollment

Colorado College, Bachelor of Arts: Environmental Policy

American University, Master of Arts: Strategic Communication for Social Impact and Advocacy

Favorite Spot on Campus
The Bridge Cafe
Nia Abram is New Jersey born, but has had the pleasure of living throughout the United States in Georgia, California, Colorado, New York, and Wyoming. She joined American University in May 2018 as an employee and graduate student. She is currently pursuing a masters degree in the School of Communication studying Strategic Communication and Public Relations with a focus on social impact and advocacy. In her free time she likes to read, write creative nonfiction, hike, dance, and listen to/produce podcasts. Prior to joining AU she was working as an educator, teaching literacy to middle school students in Harlem, New York and teaching college prep to high school students in Yonkers, New York. She is responsible for recruitment efforts in Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Colorado.