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Photograph of Saagar Gupta

Saagar Gupta Program Coordinator, Community-Based Learning Center for Community Engagement and Services

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Ctr for Community Engagement and Svc
-Master of Public Administration, Concentration in Nonprofit Management Consulting
-Interdisciplinary Bachelors in Communication, Law, Economics, Government
-Certificate in Community-Based Research
-Certificate in Applied Ethics & Professional Responsibility

Favorite Spot on Campus
Kennedy Center
Saagar (Saw-GRR) Gupta now manages the Service-Learning programs at American University, including the Community-Based Learning Courses (CB) and Community-Service Learning Programs (CSLP). Saagar first joined the CCES office in 2016 as the Coordinator of the Eagle Endowment for Public & Community Service, which kickstarted his passion for Nonprofit Management. As a Community-Based Research Scholar, Saagar saw the potential impact that students can have when they partner with a nonprofit and conduct research within the community.

Saagar treasures helping organizations scale up, by cultivating the potential of their leaders and systems, to deliver on impactful visions. His goal is to transform the way students think of service-learning and to connect them with a high-quality experience when they participate in a CB or CSLP program. Having worked with several nonprofits and having been a student at AU himself, he knows first-hand that American is unique in the way they provide “experiential learning”. Service learning is “bringing education to life” in a way that both helps a student grow their own skills and get work experience while also strengthening how nonprofits can deliver their services.