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Photograph of Varsha Ramani

Varsha Ramani Director of Operations, Cmsi School of Communication

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(202) 885-3641
SOC - School of Communication
McKinley - MCK 317-02
B.A (Honors) Journalism, Lady Shri Ram College (LSR), University of Delhi

M.A (Mass Communication), MCRC Jamia
M.A (International Development), SIS, American University

Favorite Spot on Campus
The Library
Varsha Ramani is the Communication & Program Manager for the Center for Media & Social Impact (CMSI). She is a marketing communications professional with an expertise in building relationships to work with multi-cultural networks and stakeholders. Varsha manages all aspects of the research projects at CMSI- from their proposal stage to personnel relations, promotion of research to budget handling. She has worked with global non-profits, corporate entities and international associations across USA, UK, and India.