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Courtney Fowler

Courtney Fowler

Program Currently Enrolled In (Full-time/Part-time?): Full-time M.S. Marketing Program;

Undergraduate Institution: University of Maine, Farmington

Campus Involvement: Does being an active member of the Jacobs Fitness Center community count? Looking to get more involved on campus in the coming weeks!

Employment or Internship Experience: Aside from working as an undergraduate research assistant, I previously worked as a digital marketing intern for the campus bookstore at my undergraduate institution. I have also worked in the wedding planning industry for almost three years.

Kogod Decision Criteria: I knew immediately that attending Kogod was the best decision for me due to the small class sizes, strategic location in D.C., and the hands-on experience provided by the M.S. Marketing program.

What I Value About Kogod: I love that Kogod is not only a place that promotes a dedication to learning, but one that fosters a sense of community as well. Professors are here to teach, support you, and provide endless opportunities for you to grow your professional network.

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