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Cherie Saulter PHD.INRL

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Cherie Saulter’s research focuses on the political economy of development, with emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa. Her dissertation explores the link between cross-ethnic interaction, social capital, and public goods provision in Nairobi's informal settlements using ethnographic and survey research. Her dissertation will assess how variation in frequency, type, and quality of contact between people from different ethnic groups in Nairobi’s informal settlements affects social capital and, in turn, community provision of public goods. She holds an MA in Global Policy Studies from the University of Texas - Austin and a BFA in Motion Picture, Television, and the Recording Arts from Florida State University.

Beyond her dissertation, Cherie is broadly interested in questions of inequality, identity, and urbanism. She is actively engaged in research on mass incarceration and housing stability in the U.S.


African Studies Association - Royal Air Maroc-ASA Student Travel Award 2017

Summer Methods Award, School of International Service, American University / 2015, 2017

Summer Research Award, School of International Service, American University / 2016, 2017