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Photograph of Esther Holtermann

Esther Holtermann Nondegree Graduate-SOE

Ph.D Cultural Anthropology, American University
M.A. Spanish Studies, American University

Languages Spoken
English, Spanish, German
Professor Holtermann is interested in immigration, day labor and the Latino community. She teaches language and topic courses in Spanish at American University, and is currently the associate director for the Spanish Elementary and Intermediate Programs and the associate chair for the Department of World Languages and Cultures.

Growing up in Germany, she graduated from Reutlingen University with a degree in International Business. She was awarded two Erasmus (European Union) awards to study one semester at the Université of Savoie (France), and one semester at Wolverhampton University in England.

In the past, she has worked as an administrator for the German government in Washington, D.C., a translator and research assistant at Daimler-Benz headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, and a translator for Ford Company in Valencia, Spain.

Professor Holtermann is active in the immigrant community in Northern Virginia, teaching ESL and supporting the activities of a day labor center.


Spring 2024

  • SPAN-352 Adv Spanish I: Spain

  • SPAN-394 Comm Service Learning Project: Adv Spanish I: Spain