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Photograph of Hasan Efe Sevin

Hasan Efe Sevin Adjunct Instructor School of International Service

Ph.D., American University - SIS; MA, Emerson College; BSc, Middle East Technical University

Book Currently Reading
A Clash of Kings
Efe Sevin, from Turkey, is a researcher interested in public diplomacy, political communication, public opinion and nation/place branding subjects. As a Fulbright Visiting Scholar, he wrote his master's thesis entitled "Controlling the Message: A Strategic Approach to Nation Branding Processes" where he discussed the importance of solid communication strategies in branding campaigns. So far, he has been involved in several grassroots public diplomacy and public advocacy campaigns both in Turkey and in the United States. Currently, he is working as a part of Emerson Baja Coalition to re-brand Rosarito Beach, Mexico. He is also the Political Communication Consultant for Turkayfe project ( You can visit Efe's personal website at and his blog at