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Jason Zubata

Justice and Law & Psychology (BA)

Jason Zubata is a junior studying Justice and Law at American University's School of Public Affairs, as well as Psychology at the College of Arts and Sciences. Throughout his undergraduate career, he has worked with multiple criminal defense attorneys as well as federal judges. Most recently, he was an intern at D.C. Pretrial Services Agency. During his time at D.C. Pretrial, he worked as a part of the Specialized Supervision Unit, where he had the opportunity to interact with defendants suffering from mental health issues and aid in their progress through the D.C. Mental Health Community Court and/or their treatment track. With his active experience in the courtroom and the laws that impact it, he hopes to work in influencing public policy, while instilling in others the importance of ensuring that everyone receives adequate legal counsel.


Candidate for BA in Justice & Law and Psychology

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