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Photograph of Katherine Jares

Katherine Jares Justice, Law and Society

B.A. Biology and Religious Studies, Grinnell College

Katie Hail-Jares is a research associate at Georgetown University and a PhD candidate in Justice, Law & Criminology at American University. Her research centers on the intersection of criminal, or otherwise socially deviant, behavior and public health outcomes. Much of her work involves collaborations with incarcerated communities, sex workers, and harm reduction organizations. Her dissertation focuses on how incarcerated men draw upon social support systems during the release process.
Prior to pursuing her doctorate, Katie spent seven years working in Iowa prisons. While an undergraduate she co-founded the Liberal Arts in Prison Program at Grinnell College. After graduation, she co-founded Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s Skylark Project to provide legal and social services and support to incarcerated survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Her research has appeared in Iowa Law Review, Studies in Law, Politics & Society, and various edited volumes. She is currently serving as the lead editor of Not Just the Alleys: Expanded Perspective on Street-Based Sex Work (Columbia University Press, forthcoming in 2016), an edited volume that brings researchers, policy makers, and people impacted by street-based sex work together in conversation.