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Madeline Ridgway

Terrorism and Homeland Security Policy (MS)

Madeline Ridgway graduated from American University with a B.A. in Justice & Law, a minor in Spanish Language, and a certificate in Spanish Translation in December 2016. She is continuing her studies at American University as a part of Justice Law, and Criminology’s Five-Year B.A./M.S. Program in Terrorism & Homeland Security Policy. Prior to joining JPO, Madeline was an intern at the International Association of Chiefs of Police where she worked on projects related to police responding to those with mental illness and violence against law enforcement. As an undergraduate she was a community outreach intern with Montgomery County (Maryland) Police Department where she worked with MCPD’s Community Service Officers on multiple community policing initiatives. With a primary interest in law enforcement and community policing, she hopes to pursue a career in policy and research development for improving law enforcement practices.


M.S. Terrorism & Homeland Security Policy (In Progress) B.A. Justice & Law

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