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Photograph of Mashal Shabbir

Mashal Shabbir PHD.INRL

M.Phil, International Relations, American University

M.A., Kings College London

B.Sc., Economics and Finance, Lahore School of Economics

Mashal Shabbir is interested in the study of rebellions/civil conflicts/insurgencies. Her dissertation project examines micro-level decision-making at the faction-level that precedes insurgent group disintegration. Beyond her dissertation, she is interested in the relationship between insurgent group fragmentation and outcomes such as conflict duration, the amenability of insurgent groups to political engagement and modes of insurgent governance. She is currently developing an original dataset on insurgent factions to further scholarship on the internal structures and dynamics of insurgent groups. Prior to joining the SIS PhD program, Mashal obtained her M.A. degree from the Department of War Studies at Kings College London.