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Peter Bolton

MA - Ethics, Peace & Global Affairs (CAS)

Peter Bolton is a graduate assistant at the Center and is studying for a masters degree in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs. He has lived and worked as a freelance journalist in Colombia where he was published in The Guardian, Upside Down World, Colombia Politics and Colombia Reports. While living in South America he also worked with various human rights organizations that are striving for improved U.S. foreign policy toward the region and better protection from corporate exploitation. He has interests in economic justice, labor rights, multinational corporations, trade policy, social movements, the Colombian armed conflict and U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America, especially in terms of human rights. His graduate work focuses on international economic justice, international human rights law and philosophical issues related to resources and the environment. He has visited eleven countries in Latin America and plans to continue exploring the region in the future.


BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Durham University)

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