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Photograph of Philip Scranage

Philip Scranage IMAJ: Political Science

Political Science and Public Communications

Student Organizations
College Democrats
American University Student Government
Internships Currently/Previously Held
Intern for Sen. Jeff Merkley, Outreach Intern for Third Way policy institute, Field Manager for DC LiveGreen
Favorite Spot on Campus
The war room
Favorite Place in Washington DC
Eastern Market
Philip grew up in the small town of Harrisburg, OR. He first became interested in politics when his pastor took him to see An Inconvenient Truth in 2006. Philip became an advocate for Environmental Justice around his community. This led to a general interest in politics and after attending a rally for Candidate Obama, he signed up to work on the campaign. He quickly became an intern, then neighborhood leader. Afterward, Philip became a locally-known public figure. He was appointed to sit as youth adviser to the City Council of Harrisburg and worked his way up to editing a community newspaper—The Eagle.

Philip carried a few of these interests with him when he started at AU. First and foremost was politics—one of the primary reasons he chose to study in Washington, DC. Philip serves the American University Student Government as Director of Student Voice and Participation. Philip is also a member of the SPA Leadership program and is currently implementing a social action project calling for a congressional hearing on Tidal Power.