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Photograph of Sahil Mathur

Sahil Mathur Adjunct Instructor School of International Service

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MPhil, International Relations, American University, 2020
MPhil, International Organization, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2017
Integrated MA, Economics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 2015

Sahil's research interests lie in the role of regional organizations in global governance. His dissertation examines variation in regional organizations' interventions in political crises in their member states. Sahil's research focuses specifically on regional organizations of the Global South, exploring their contributions to international politics.

"Towards a Global International Relations," in Foundations of International Relations, edited by Stephen McGlinchey, London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022 (with Amitav Acharya)

"Myanmar's Coup d'État: What Role for ASEAN?" The Diplomat, 3 February 2021

"Inside Regional Organizations: A New Approach to Comparative Regionalism," Review of Kevin Parthenay, A Political Sociology of Regionalisms: Perspectives for a Comparison (Cham: Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan), International Studies Review, 23, 3 (2020): 999–1001.

"ASEAN and North Korea: Strange Bedfellows?" The Diplomat, 3 May 2017


Summer 2022

  • SISG-762 Global Governance

  • SISG-762 Global Governance

  • SISU-102 Natl Studnt Ldrshp Conf Topics: Intl Diplomacy/Cross-Cltrl Neg

  • SISU-109 Summer Scholars Topics: Intl Diplomacy/Cross-Cltrl Neg

Fall 2022

  • SISG-762 Global Governance

  • SISG-762 Global Governance

Spring 2023

  • SISG-762 Global Governance

  • SISG-762 Global Governance