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You are here: Assistive Technology

Apple Keyboard and Mouse

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology (AT) helps individuals with disabilities perform tasks which might otherwise pose challenges or not be possible. In higher education this could include accessible text-to-speech support for reading materials, speech-to-text for writing support, conversion to Braille, closed captioning, audio description for visual media, Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART), note taking solutions, and utilization of mobile devices to assist with memory retention and organization.
Assistive technology services consults are available to all American University students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The use of assistive technology as an accommodation for a disability in the classroom or for testing may also be requested. If you wish to request such accommodations, please follow the procedures for documenting a disability found at
  • Meet with an Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) counselor. To schedule an appointment, call 202-885-3360 or visit our office in Mary Graydon Center, 243.
Faculty & Staff
Please contact the Assistive Technology Specialist at 202-885-3407 or by email at

American University computers with assistive technology typically have Kurzweil 3000, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Natural Reader and Zoom Text installed on them. We also offer Note taking technology, such as Live scribe pen and Audio note taker. With approval, we may be able to install additional software to support the needs of students, staff, and faculty.

Academic Support and Access Center, Mary Graydon Center 243 
  • These computers are only available for testing accommodations. Speak with the ASAC Accommodations Coordinators for more information. They can be reached at  202.885.3489 or by email at
Bender Library
  • There are two adaptive technology rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. In order to gain access to these rooms you will need to be added to the access list by the Assistive Technology Specialist. Once you are added to this list you can gain access by surrendering your ID card at the Information Desk.
  • The AT room on the 3rd floor also includes a CCTV and Dragon Naturally Speaking.
  • The library’s ground floor also has a CCTV.
  • There are two laptops with assistive technology software installed on them that can be borrowed at the technology services desk.
  • Several wheelchair accessible self-service book scanning kiosks are available.
  • Contact the library’s information desk staff at 202-885-3232 for additional assistance.
Anderson Computing Complex
  • A computer with assistive technology installed on it is available in the common area and in a classroom.
  • Contact the Anderson Computing Complex staff or the Assistive Technology Specialist in the ASAC for assistance.
Career Center, Butler Pavilion, Room 5th Floor
  • A computer with assistive technology is available to assist with searching for jobs.
  • Contact the Career Center at 202-885-1804 or by email at for additional assistance.
Washington College of Law
  • A computer with assistive technology is located in the common area.
  • Another computer with assistive technology is available in a private room that requires ID card access. Please contact the WCL Office of Student Affairs to gain access to the room. Please note: Access to this room is only allowed as an accommodation. If you wish to document a disability, please follow the registration instructions found on the ASAC’s website at:


If interested contact the Assistive Technology Specialist at 202-885-34070 or email at