Procedure for Requesting Disability Related Housing Accommodations

Current students requesting housing accommodations for the first time

  • Complete the HRL on-line general housing application by deadline advertised by HRL. If deadline is missed, apply for waitlist. Communicate all preferences for roommates, buildings, and residential programs through general HDP process
  • Register with the ASAC (three-step process: submit documentation to support housing request; submit the SAQ, being sure to address in detail all questions as they pertain to your housing needs as well as signing where required; and meet or schedule a phone appointment with an ASAC staff member)
  • Check AU email account on a regular basis for communication from the ASAC and HDP

Requests for housing accommodations related to a disability are subject to the same deadlines as set by HDP. The room selection process for students with approved disability-related housing accommodations is handled by the ASAC and precedes the general room selection process. Failure to meet the deadlines may result in a lack of room availability to meet your needs.

Evaluation of Disability-Related Housing Accommodation Requests

Housing accommodation requests completed in compliance with the guidelines below are considered carefully as part of a deliberative process on a case-by-case basis. The following may be considered in this process:

1) Does the impairment described substantially limit major life functions and rise to the level of a disability?

2) Severity of the Condition

  • Is the impact of the condition life threatening if the request is not met?
  • Is there a negative health impact that may be permanent if the request is not met?
  • Is the request an integral component of a treatment plan for the condition in question?
  • Is the accommodation sought necessary to give the student access to residential housing?

3) Timing of the Request

  • Was the request made within all applicable deadlines?
  • If the deadlines were not met, was the request made as soon as possible after identifying the need?

4) Feasibility and Availability

  • Is space currently available that meets the student's needs?
  • Can space be adapted to provide the requested configuration without creating a safety hazard (related to electrical load, emergency egress, etc.)?
  • Are there other effective methods or housing configurations that would achieve similar benefits as the requested configuration?


Students will be notified by the ASAC if their request is granted or denied. If granted, students will be notified of room assignments by HRL. If you have been approved for an accommodation that is not reflected in your room assignment notification, or if you have any questions about disability-related accommodations, please contact the ASAC at 202-885-3360.

Please Note: The above guidelines are intended to inform students about the university's decision-making process but are not exhaustive since we cannot anticipate every situation. This publication must be considered informational and not binding on the university. The university reserves the right to amend these guidelines with or without notice. Consult the ASAC for additional information.

If a student wishes to appeal a decision about a housing accommodation request or voice a formal complaint, please be aware of American University's Disability Grievance Procedures.