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Peer Tutor Request Form


  1. Complete the request form below.
  2. Read the policies and procedures below about peer tutoring sessions, fees, and policies. When filling in your request form, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to Peer Tutoring Services' policies and procedures.
  3. Submit your request.






*If you have checked any of the above, you will receive more information about payment procedures.

If the cost of tutoring may prevent you from accessing the support you need, we may be able to help.

Please indicate the exact code of the class(es) for which you are requesting a tutor (e.g., ECON 100; STAT 202). If you are requesting a tutor for more than one class, please make sure you separate the codes with a semi-colon)


Peer Tutoring Services Procedures and Policies

PROCEDURES 1. You will be e-mailed the contact information for one or more tutors within two business days of your request. Tutors’ schedules fill quickly, so please contact them as soon as possible. 2. If you have difficulty contacting or scheduling a tutor, please let us know immediately so we can help you find another tutor. 3. Tutor referrals are subject to availability. If there is no tutor available for a requested course, Tutoring Services makes every effort to recruit a tutor. POLICIES 1. Students are required to pay tutors exact change at the beginning of the session. The fee is set by Tutoring Services: Tutors charge $14 per hour. 2. Cancellations or requests to reschedule tutoring sessions must be made at least three hours before the scheduled session. If notice is not given by this deadline, the student is responsible for paying the full fee for the scheduled session. If a student is late for a scheduled appointment or needs to leave early, tutors are not obligated to make up the missed time or reduce the session fee. 3. Tutors are not permitted to assist students with graded homework assignments or take-home exams. Tutors assist students with understanding underlying concepts and solving sample practice problems, as well as developing specific study strategies for the subject. Questions or concerns about tutoring? Call Tutoring Services at 202-885-3365, e-mail us at, or visit us in the Academic Support & Access Center, Mary Graydon Center 243.


Additional Resources and Information

Need financial assistance for tutoring?

If the cost of tutoring prohibits you from accessing help with a course, please let us know confidentially. We may be able to help.