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How can the ASAC support you academically?

All students are welcome to utilize the ASAC's academic support resources. From individual help to group support, we offer a range of services to best suit your needs. For more details, view the menu below, contact us at 202-885-3360, or visit us in MGC 243.

In-Person Resources

American University students have access to master's level learning specialists and academic support counselors in the ASAC to help you do your best in your classes. Individual appointments can be scheduled to discuss topics such as time management, reading skills, note taking, study strategies, and speaking in public.

You might come to the ASAC for help with:

  • Managing your readings and assignments
  • Preparing for tests
  • Catching up with your work after being sick
  • Dealing with transitions for first-generation college students
  • Creating a time management plan when you get an internship
  • Adapting to US higher education as an international student or global nomad
  • Balancing academics and athletics as an AU student-athlete
  • Returning to school after years in the workplace

To make an appointment to meet with an ASAC counselor, please call 202-885-3360 or visit our office in Mary Graydon Center 243.

If you are a student, staff or faculty member seeking academic skills support and resources for yourself or for your students, please visit our Academic Skills Support and Resources page. Here, you can request workshops and access online resources to enhance your academic skillset. Topics include time management, critcal reading, note-taking, and more.

View the current workshop schedule. Students are welcome to attend any workshop; reservations are not required.

The Writing Center (located in the Library) provides individual writing assistance, for any class. Tutors will work with students on every stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to the final draft, and will help them become better writers.

Schedule an appointment.

The ASAC offers peer tutoring for a variety of undergraduate courses and limited tutoring for graduate courses.

The Tutoring Lab provides free 1-1 and drop-in support for many 100-300 level undergraduate courses. Learn more about the Tutoring Lab here, including the courses supported in the Lab, how to schedule appointments, and information about Drop-In Tutoring Day and finals-week tutoring.

For classes not supported in the Lab, submit a request for a peer tutor here. A member of the academic support team will be in touch with you soon after. Please note: the fee associated with this service is $14/hour for undergraduate ($15/hour for graduate tutors). Financial assistance is available. The last day to submit a tutor request in the Fall 2018 semester is Monday, November 5.

Read more about and apply to become a Peer Tutor here.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support and group tutoring program for students enrolled in historically challenging classes. SI welcomes all students to participate in free, weekly study review sessions for targeted courses on a voluntary basis. These sessions are facilitated by student leaders who have received an A or A- in the course and have displayed the ability to engage their peers academically.

Does your course have a Supplemental Instruction leader? View the current schedule

Interested in applying to be an SI Leader? You can apply online.

Individualized academic skills counseling related to disabilities is also available. Students with disabilities may also register and request accommodations through the ASAC's three-step process.

Student-athletes are encouraged to take advantage of the wide-ranging supports offered by the Student-Athlete Support Program. These services are specifically tailored to your experience as a student-athlete.

The Mathematics & Statistics Tutoring Lab provides tutoring to American University Mathematics and Statistics students for exam review and homework assignments.