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Closed Captioning Requests

The ASAC currently supports closed captioning requests for accommodation purposes. If there is a student in your class with an approved accommodation that pertains to accessible media, all media shown in class, or required to be viewed outside of class, must be accessible to the student. Requests for closed captioning must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance.

The ASAC wants to make sure that all students have equal access to the curriculum being taught and is here to assist in the process. For requests to caption physical media (DVD, VHS, Blu-Ray) we recommend that you begin by checking with the Library's Media Services department to see if they have the title(s) you plan to use. If they do, place the captioned/subtitled copies on reserve. The collection can be searched at: AU Media Catalog

If you do not see the title you need, you can request that Media Services order it for you at: Media Purchase Request

This service should be used first before downloading videos from the internet.

If you are not able to find what you need through Media Services, please complete a Closed Caption Request Form for each item you plan on using during the semester. This form pertains to digital media only. Do not hesitate to reach out to the Assistive Technology Manager in the ASAC, if you have any questions.

Closed Captioning Request Form

If you have a request for captioning that is not related to accommodations, please contact the Assistive Technology Manager at or 202-885-3360. 

Additional Note

If you are utilizing Kaltura in Blackboard please be sure to tag your video with CCR (Closed Caption Request) so your video can be located by AT staff once your request has been submitted. Faculty that have not used Blackboard Media please be sure to go into Blackboard and click on "My Media" so that the video's can be provided to you. If you do not use Blackboard please contact the Assistive Technology Manager.


Accessible Text Requests

online request form

Students with alternative text accommodations can request for their textbooks to be converted into accessible formats. Please submit such requests as soon as possible.

  • When purchasing course materials, prioritize electronic versions whenever possible, as these should already be readable by screen reader software
  • Provide proof of purchase for every textbook you wish to have converted
  • Textbooks that do not have electronic versions available must be cut and scanned to create an accessible digital copy
  • Identify textbooks by checking the University Bookstore:

Search By Course

Please note that textbooks must be purchased or rented before an accessible text request can be placed. To request course materials in an accessible format, please fill out the form below:

Alternative Text Request Form

Washington College of Law Alternative Text Request Form (For use by WCL Students Only)