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Supplemental Instruction (SI) consists of regularly scheduled, out-of-class group study sessions driven by students’ needs. SI Sessions are facilitated by trained peer educators who utilize collaborative activities to ensure peer-to-peer interaction in small groups. SI support is provided in traditionally difficult courses in consultation with academic departments and is supported and evaluated by trained supervisors. SI services are offered to all American University students, FREE of cost.

Position Description:

SI Leaders are undergraduate and graduate students of American University. They are to supplement and reinforce what students are learning in class by providing opportunities for practice and review. 

SI Leaders will gain confidence in leadership roles, communication, and teaching skills. In addition, as they present material, they develop a mastery of course content while discovering new ways to help others learn. More importantly, SI Leaders will see the impact of their work on students as they earn better grades, develop positive attitudes, and build confidence to become independent learners.


  • Undergraduate students earn $17.00 per hour
  • Graduate students earn $19.00 per hour


  • Be a current AU student.
    • Full-time enrollment as an undergraduate, five-year AU graduate, or post-bac (minimum 12 credits).
    • Complete 36 credit hours prior to submission of application.
  • Have earned an A or A- in the course(s) they would like to tutor in
    • Cumulative GPA at or above 3.0, and term GPA at or above 3.0 (GPAs must be maintained from the date of the application until the date of separation)
  • Be available to work 7-9 hours per week.
  • Attend the beginning of the semester orientation and ongoing semester training.

The Application Process

Students interested in becoming a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader should apply to the Academic Support and Access Center's Supplemental Instruction Program. 

There are three steps to apply to become a Supplemental Instruction Leader:

  1. Complete and submit the online application.
  2. Send an updated copy of your unofficial transcript to
  3. Send a resume or curriculum vitae to
  4. Provide one faculty recommendation from the academic discipline in which you are applying to provide the most tutoring support, preferably from the highest-level course completed in the discipline.
    • Directions: Download this Electronic Recommendation Form, complete the top section, save the document, and then send it to the faculty member.
    • Instruct them to email it to or to deliver paper copies to: Supplemental Instruction, Academic Support and Access Center, American University, Mary Graydon Center 243, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016-8027.

Students selected for an interview will be contacted by SI Program staff.