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Information for Prospective SI Leaders

Former SI leaders share reasons to apply to be an SI leader

"I was first attracted to SI because I thought that it was an excellent leadership opportunity. I also thought that it would be a great way to really learn a subject thoroughly and develop a strong relationship with a professor. The fact that SI is a paid position is obviously enticing..."

"Good pay, a good opportunity for informal interaction with students, a great team and leadership experience, and flexible hours..."

" . . . the hours are flexible (meaning, students give what times are good for them and then the class majority picks the best SI times). It's a good way to get to know professors better, and a good way to re-learn or review important material for one's major."

Who are the SI leaders and how can I apply?

SI leaders like to teach other undergraduates how to learn a subject that they enjoy and have excelled in. If you do, too, then consider becoming an SI leader.

SI is currently offering small group study/tutoring sessions in the following areas: Financial and Managerial Accounting, Statistics, Astronomy, Business Finance, General Chemistry I and II, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics. If you earned an A or A- in any of these subject areas and have an interest in helping other students develop successful academic strategies, please contact the Academic Support and Access Center by phone at x3360 or e-mail at If you wish to print out the SI Leader application, please submit it along with an unofficial transcript to the Academic Support and Access Center in MGC 243 or e-mail it to the Coordinator at

SI leader positions involve a commitment of 8-10 hours per week and leaders are paid $14 per hour. You'll be expected to attend class, take notes, and observe where students are having difficulty learning the curriculum. You'll plan and offer two regularly scheduled hour-long group sessions each week which currently enrolled students come to on a voluntary basis and you'll attend regular one-on-one meetings with the coordinator and bi-weekly training with the other SI leaders. 

The SI leader's role is to supplement what students are learning in class by offering opportunities for practice and review. While professors must approve SI for their courses, and leaders must adhere to course policy and procedures and communicate as needed with professors, leaders are not TA's.  As an SI leader you will receive training and supervision in group facilitation and tutoring techniques. Tutoring experience is helpful, but not a requirement.

SI Leader Benefits

  • Reinforce your own knowledge of the subject and effective learning strategies
  • Gain confidence in your leadership, speaking, and teaching skills
  • Discover ways to help others learn how to learn better
  • See your impact on students as they earn better grades, develop positive attitudes, build confidence and become independent learners
  • Build solid work experience and references