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Peer Tutor Referral List

In order to access the peer tutor list, please fill out the form below and agree to abide by the ASAC policies and procedures by checking the box at the bottom of the page. Download a copy of the policies and procedures. 



1. Students are required to pay cash at the beginning of each session, for that session only. The pay is set by Peer Tutoring Services at $14 per hour.

NOTE: If you belong to a Program that pays for tutoring, please have your peer tutor contact to be approved. The peer tutor must be approved BEFORE paid tutoring can begin. Any tutoring that occurs before approval will be at YOUR own expense

If you need financial assistance, please use the Peer Tutor Request Form. If you are eligible, the ASAC will cover 2 tutoring sessions per week, on average.

2. If you need to cancel, notify your tutor at least 3 hours before the session. If you give no notice, or cancel less than 3 hours in advance, the peer tutor has the right to charge you for the missed session.

3. If you are late or need to leave early, the peer tutor may charge the full session rate and is under no obligation to make up any missed time.


1. Please be aware that the names and addresses on this list are confidential and you cannot share them with anyone else. You cannot make a copy of this list and/or distribute it to anyone on or off campus.

2. Peer tutors are not able to assist students with graded assignments or take-home exams and quizzes. Peer tutors can help students understand underlying concepts and work through practice problems, but cannot help students on actual assignments.

3.For writing assignments, tutors may only help students work through their own ideas: all written work must reflect the student's own thoughts, ideas, and decisions about structure and organization.

How to contact peer tutors

Email peer tutors individually. Contact as many peer tutors on the list as possible. Tutors get busy very fast.

In your Initial email:

1) Introduce yourself and give a brief description of what you hope to get accomplished with tutoring, maybe even including topics of study; 2) Arrange a place to meet (we strongly recommend a public place like a study lounge or group study room in the library)
3) Discuss how you will be making the payments to the tutor (see Payment Procedures above).

If you have any questions, please contact

Peer Tutor Referral List Access Form