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Peer Tutoring Services provides a peer tutor referral program which is used to offer one-on-one tutoring for courses that are not available in the Tutoring Lab or covered by Quantitative Academic Support.


How do I put in a request for courses not offered in the Tutoring Lab or by Quantitative Academic Support?

  • You can request a tutor using the Peer Tutor Request Form.
  • Once received, Peer Tutoring Services will try to find a tutor to fill your request.

Is there a fee for this tutoring service?

  • Yes, there is a fee for this service. The fee is set by Peer Tutoring Services.
    • For undergraduate tutors, it is $15 per hour.
    • For graduate tutors, it is $16 per hour.

Is there financial assistance available to cover this tutoring service?

  • If you need financial assistance, please denote that on the Peer Tutor Request Form.
  • If you are eligible, Academic Support and Access Center will cover 3 hours of tutoring per week.

Can the tutoring fee be waived?

  • Typically, if you are a student in one of the following programs, your fee can be waived.
    • Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars (FDDS)
    • Summer Transition Enrichment Program (STEP)
    • Student Athletes


  • Tutor requests should be submitted by Week 8 of Spring 2021 or by March 12, 2021. Thereafter, it is less likely that Student Academic Services will be able to secure a tutor.


  • Academic support and tutoring services for all Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Physics is provided by the Quantitative Academic Support.
  • For support in writing classes or on papers, essays, and compositions for other courses, visit the Writing Center located on the first floor of the Bender Library.

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