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Promotion and Reappointment

All new term faculty at AU are hired into the professorial lecturer promotion sequence, including term faculty with “in-residence” titles. (Note: one’s title and rank may be different, as defined in the Faculty Manual’s glossary.) The vast majority of term faculty who build their careers at AU seek promotions along the professorial lecturer sequence. A term faculty member with an exceptional portfolio of research/scholarship—equivalent to a newly tenured colleague—may seek promotion to term associate professor, which entails a move to the term professor sequence. 

All term promotions within or across the two sequences follow the procedures and criteria established in the Faculty ManualSections 12-15, and your academic unit’s guidelines below.

Note: although the title of assistant professor is no longer used when hiring new term faculty, it is grandfathered in for term faculty hired before the change. Applications for promotion to term associate professor follow the exact same procedures and guidelines whether they are submitted by a term assistant professor or a professorial lecturer, and both are held to the same standards as tenure-line applications to associate professor.

The information on this page is a good place to start thinking about your application for reappointment with or without promotion. In addition, please be sure to contact your department chair, associate dean, or faculty coordinator, as appropriate, for more information specific to your academic unit.