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Froslid Jones, Karen
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Daniel Myers

Provost's Welcome

Thank you for visiting American University’s website on learning outcomes and assessment.

Over the past few decades, AU has worked to build a culture of assessment across campus. Our faculty and staff share a commitment to continual improvement of the student experience both inside and outside the classroom.

As a community, we have a tradition of setting high standards for our work. We value the quantitative and qualitative data that our assessment efforts provide and are dedicated to using this feedback to track progress toward our goals and objectives, as well as identify areas in need of attention.

The Office of the Provost is proud to support faculty and staff as they strive to enhance our programs and practices. Please explore the resources included on this site to learn more about assessment at AU.

Daniel J. Myers

Committee on Learning ASsessment Mission

In summer 2003, then-Provost Neil Kerwin appointed a Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee made up of faculty and staff from across the AU community. The project committee has the following mission:

  • To focus on understanding and improving student learning. Assessment is the tool that can enable a department to determine whether it is meeting its goals in student learning, but it is not the 'end' - it is a means to an end.
  • To support and facilitate assessment activities that can best improve student learning.
  • To facilitate the development of learning objectives across campus and to facilitate knowledge about these objectives.
  • To foster the collection and dissemination of assessment information.
  • To support, foster and document the appropriate use of assessment information for program improvement and promotion.

The Committee on Learning Assessment (COLA) is chaired by Garret Martin of the School of International Service.

Committee on Learning Assessment

Details can be found on the Faculty Senate website.