Cornerstone Abroad features a curriculum that allows you to graduate on time with the class of 2025. You will take required courses from the AU Core and courses that meet your intended major requirements.

Courses and Schedule

Fall 2021 Semester at AU16.5 Credits

  • American University Experience - AUx1 (1.5 cr.)
  • CORE 105 Complex Problems Seminar (3 cr.)
  • WRT 100 College Writing (3 cr.)/can take WRT 106 (3 cr.) if received AP credit
  • Math (3 cr.)
  • Major requirement (3 cr.)
  • Elective (3 cr.)

Spring 2022 Study Abroad12.5 Credits

  • American University Experience - AUx2 (1.5 cr.) - taught online by AU instructor
  • WRT 101 College Writing (3 cr.)
  • Economics and Globalisation (3 cr.)
  • Choose one BSU elective (5 cr):
    • Design Thinking for Enterprise
    • Psychological Science for Student Success
    • Sustainability in Life and Work
    • Thinking Together - Humanities in the 21st Century

As part of the flexible Cornerstone Abroad curriculum, you take one course taught by AU faculty. Your remaining courses are taught by Bath Spa University (BSU) faculty, some are taken with your AU classmates and BSU students.

The following courses are required for Cornerstone Abroad students:

CORE 105 Complex Problems Seminar
(3 credits)

This required seminar for all students during their first year at American University demonstrates the value of approaching important conceptual problems and social issues from a variety of perspectives, often from multiple disciplines and including multiple voices.
Course counts as an AU Core requirement

WRTG 100 College Writing (3 credits)

Develop essential writing skills for your academic career. This online course is taught by an AU college writing professor based in DC and starts the week of August 27.
Course counts toward the Written Communication and Information Literacy I requirement.

BSU Economics and Globalisation(3 credits)

Provides an introduction to economics and globalization with an emphasis on its applicability to the analysis of contemporary business environment and strategies.
Equivalent to AU ECON-100, this course also meets requirements for certain AU majors.

BSU Elective(3 credits)

To allow you to set a foundation to become an engaged participant in the great conversations that will define the future, the BSU elective course options have been purposefully selected to allow you to learn new topics, alongside other BSU students and under the guidance of a BSU professor. Elective classes begin after arrival in England.

For your BSU elective, you will select one BSU class from the following:

Sustainability in Life and Work

This module is a thematic, multi-disciplinary module exploring sustainability from numerous subject and policy positions. You will gain a better understanding of the environmental arguments to help us further understand how social and economic factors must be brought into the equation when modelling policy and lifestyle choices.
This course transfers to AU as GEO Elective Credit at the 100 level for 5 credits.

Design Thinking for Enterprise

This module uses Design Thinking methods to give you the confidence to use your own knowledge and experience to generate new ideas that solve real world problems and make a difference to people's lives. The module will show you how to think conceptually, design solutions and make decisions. Critical thinkers, able to express their ideas in written and oral form, and possessing information literacy.
Course articulation to be determined.

Psychological Science for Student Success

Students will interrogate aspects of Bath Spa University student life through the lens of psychological science to develop the understanding, skills, and strategies to approach their university career with greater knowledge and intention. To develop useful skills in scientific literacy, critical thinking, self-reflection, written and oral communication, and teamwork.
Course articulation to be determined.

Thinking Together – Humanities in the 21ST Century

This module provides a practical introduction to the distinct yet interconnected ways of thinking about how we live in the world that are shared by what we call ‘Humanities’. You will work with a team of staff and students from programmes across the School, including English Literature, History, Heritage, Politics, and Religions, Philosophy and Ethics. Through a series of lectures, workshops and visits your team will plan, research and deliver a project on an object or topic assigned to you at the start of the module.
Course articulation to be determined.

BSU Elective Selection Process

For the BSU elective, enrollment will be based on available seats. Students will submit a list of 3 course selections – ranked in order of preference. BSU will enroll students on a first-come-first-served basis and after BSU degree students are enrolled.

The following is a preview of what your fall semester at AU will look like. There are two different tracks. You may choose a track based on availability.

Track 1

Monday/Thursday Classes

  • College Writing
  • Elective Courses (First-Year Advisors will help you select)
  • AUx
  • Complex Problems
  • Major Requirement

Track 2

Tuesday/Friday: Classes

  • College Writing
  • Elective Courses (First-Year Advisors will help you select)
  • AUx
  • Complex Problems
  • Major Requirements

In the fall, all Cornerstone students join AU's largest living-learning community, University College (UC). In this program, students enroll in a complex problems seminar which satisfies an AU Core requirement.


Students live together in first-year residence halls. Each floor has a theme inspired by a group of UC courses, which in turn inspires community events throughout the semester.


Courses are hand-picked Complex Problems seminars from the AU Core curriculum. The seminars create an environment for collaboration and communication across the classes.

In the Fall Join AU's Living-Learning Community


In the fall semester, Cornerstone students will be a part of University College, AU's largest living-learning community. This exceptional opportunity for first-year students combines the best residential and academic experiences!

In the Spring Study Abroad at BSU


Bath Spa University offers pre-degree study, undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees, focusing primarily on arts and humanities subjects, supported by a strong outcomes-based provision. Whatever path students wish to follow -- research, enterprise and teaching -- they provide the full range to ensure students can tailor their learning to support their future career direction.