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Speaker Series: "When Bosses are Bullied" (Updated 7/5/13)

Watkins Classroom 114

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We generally think of bullying as emanating from abusive bosses or rival peers. This remains a significant problem. But we are now finding many instances where bullying comes from subordinates who may not like change, or are retaliating for decisions that are unfavorable to their interests. Staff, for example, may make repeated frivolous complaints against supervisors using a variety of legal channels and processes, forcing bosses to become involved in investigations and time draining procedural requirements. Bullying behaviors can be direct or indirect, mild or aggressive. Managers in the public sector often have little recourse. This workshop explores upward bullying at the workplace, in its various forms, causes, consequences, and solutions.
Time will be provided for participants to tell their stories and to explore what managers might do in these circumstances. We will also look at what initiatives are taking place in different countries and organizations.

Key Topics:

What is bullying?
What conditions give rise to upward bullying?
What form does bullying take?
How do certain managerial behaviors foster bullying?
What are the consequences of bullying?
What resource do managers have when bullied?
What should organizations be doing to address bullying at the workplace?

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