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November 2, 2009

 TO:  American University Community
 CC:  Larry Kirkman, Dean, School of Communication
 Lyn Stallings, Chair, Faculty Senate
 FROM:  Scott A. Bass, Provost
 SUBJECT:  Notification of Dean Larry Kirkman’s Performance Evaluation


Periodically, and in accordance with AU Academic Regulations, the academic deans are evaluated by the Provost to ensure a high level of performance. This year, Larry Kirkman, Dean of the School of Communication (SOC), will be evaluated.

The evaluation process within SOC will begin November 2, 2009 and will conclude in January. During this time, SOC faculty, staff, students, and other members of the university community will have opportunities to share their views on Dean Kirkman’s leadership of SOC. Faculty and staff in SOC may participate in a performance evaluation survey and meet individually with the Provost if they wish to share information not included in the survey. Representatives of SOC student groups will be invited to meet with the Provost on November 16. Also, SOC faculty, staff, and students may participate by sending a confidential email to

Additional information on the evaluation process is available at