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September 19, 2011

 TO:  American University Faculty & Staff
 FROM:  Scott A. Bass, Provost
 Jim Girard, Chair, Faculty Senate
 SUBJECT:  Search Committees for the Deans of SOC & SPA


We are pleased to announce that the search committees for the deans of the School of Communication (SOC) and the School of Public Affairs (SPA) have been established.

In keeping with the new Faculty Senate policy for the creation of search committees for deans, each school met with the provost and the chair of the senate in separate meetings and agreed mutually on the structure and composition of each search committee.

SOC decided on a structure of eight faculty, four of whom represent the school’s four divisions and the remaining four are at-large representatives of the school. In addition to these faculty, the committee will include two SOC staff members, two SOC students (one undergraduate and one graduate), one senior academic administrator external to SOC, and a member of the SOC advisory board.

SPA configured its committee structure with ten faculty, of which each of the three departments is represented by three faculty and executive education has one faculty representative. Two SPA staff members, two SPA students (one undergraduate and one graduate), and one senior academic administrator external to SPA will also serve on the committee.

Once the structures were established, nominations for committee members were requested and submitted according to the process outlined in our September 1, 2011 memorandum. On September 15, the faculty representatives and the provost met. With oversight by the chair of the Faculty Senate, the following committees have been established from the nominated pool. The committee memberships were formed with consideration of the preferences expressed by the faculty of each school, the criteria set by the Senate, and representation of different constituent groups, including race and gender.

The members of the deans search committees are listed below in alphabetical order:

School of Communication
Patricia Aufderheide, faculty
Pat Butler, advisory board
Yi Chen, graduate student
Wendell Cochran, faculty
Amy Eisman, staff
Frank Fitzmaurice, staff
Maria Ivancin, faculty
Leena Jayaswal, faculty
J. Skyler McKinley, undergraduate student
Matthew Nisbet, faculty
Rick Rockwell, faculty
Peter Starr, dean
John Watson, faculty
Russell Williams, faculty

School of Public Affairs
Richard Bennett, faculty
Robert Durant, faculty
Tamara Hafner, faculty
Marguerite Jimenez, graduate student
Kristine Kalanges, faculty
Jan Leighley, faculty
Brenda Manley, staff
Tim McBride, undergraduate student
Candice Nelson, faculty
David Pitts, faculty
James Thurber, faculty
Robert Tobias, faculty
Jonathan Tubman, vice provost
Jessica Waters, faculty
Mana Zarinejad, staff

We appreciate the willingness of so many to serve and look forward to securing new deans for SOC and SPA.