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American University Office of the Provost

Memorandum April 23, 2019

AU Community
Daniel J. Myers, Provost
Changes in the Organization of the Office of Graduate Studies and Research

I am writing to announce important changes in the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. Based on the priorities in our strategic plan and my early assessment of what we need to be successful, I have determined that we need a clear and sharp focus on both our research progress and our development of our graduate programs. To do so, we will restructure each as a separate area of responsibility. 

The Office of Research will guide and implement our strategy, to support the faculty as we build the influence and impact of AU’s scholarship, as well as oversee the functions of sponsored programs, research compliance, and university-wide centers and institutes. The other, the Office of Graduate Studies, will work with the deans to develop elements of our strategy related to robust enrollment in graduate programs, the future of graduate learning, and AU’s reputation for graduate study.

This important step in the development of our research and graduate programs provides an opportune moment for Jonathan Tubman, Vice Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies since 2011, to return to the faculty and step down from his position on July 1.

During his tenure, Jon promoted a wide array of university-wide activities associated with faculty research and graduate studies and made substantial contributions to AU’s growth in these two areas. Among many others, he has enhanced faculty supports for the pursuit of external research funding and improved the university’s compliance in our research operations and research assurances. He supported a complete overhaul of institutional central pre-award and post-award processes following a NCURA review to implement national best practice standards. During his tenure there has been a marked increase in grant applications and sponsored awards received, including a near doubling of research dollars flowing into the institution between FY 2014 and FY 2018. Jon also contributed much to the development of graduate studies, with special efforts connected to the implementation of an enterprise-wide CRM, enhancement of graduate recruitment processes, promotion of analytics and predictive modeling to assist academic units to improve their graduate enrollments and related revenue, as well as the strategic use of institutional graduate financial aid. 

We are grateful for all that Jon has done to elevate AU’s performance in both research and graduate studies. Please join me in thanking him for these contributions, and more, to American University’s progress. Jon will take a sabbatical in the fall semester and return to the Psychology faculty.

I will be working closely with the deans and the Faculty Senate, as well as with the staff in the offices affected by these changes, as we structure the two new units and begin searches for leaders of both offices. I appreciate the support and input of the community as we move forward with these plans.