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American University Office of the Provost

Memorandum March 31, 2020

AU Students
Daniel J. Myers, Provost
Additional Information on the Pass/Fail Option

Dear Students,

Starting tomorrow, April 1, most undergraduate and graduate students will have the ability to shift one or more classes to Pass/Fail through Self-Service via Eagle Service on the AU Portal (see the instruction sheet). The opportunity to change your grade type to Pass/Fail will stay open through the last day of classes (April 27 for those on the spring 2020 semester calendar and June 7 for those on the four-term calendar). Additional information is available on the Pass/Fail FAQ. If the FAQ does not answer all of your particular questions, please contact your academic or financial aid advisor for help. 


Dan Myers, Provost
Jessica Waters, Dean of Undergraduate Education
Wendy Boland, Interim Dean of Graduate Studies