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Doctoral Students Research Award 2015 Recipients

The following list of Doctoral students have been chosen from a select group of talented students who competed for this award.

College of Arts and Sciences

Jordan Grant
“Catchers and Kidnappers: Slave-Hunting in Early America”

Erin Moriarty Harrelson
“Identity and Community Formation: Deaf People in Cambodia”

Erica Hart
“Ethnic Differences in Implicit Thin-Ideal Internalization”

Siobhan McGuirk
“Faith, Protections and LGBT Subjectivity: Seeking Asylum in San Francisco”

Johanna Neuman
“SOCIETY IN SUFFRAGE: How New York’s Elite Socialites Took Women’s Suffrage from Dowdy to Fashionable”

Nguyet Nguyen
“’The world is on our side’: People’s Diplomacy during the Second Indochina War- from inside Vietnam”

Susan M. Perlman
“Civil Wars: American Intelligence, Harry Truman, and Cold War France”

Nikia Scott
“The A, B, C’s, and Zzz’s of Sleep Health Education in a College Population”

Lauren Skalina
“The Effects of Sleep and Depression on Cognitive Functioning”

School of International Service

Emma Jane Fawcett
“Santo Remedio? The Political Economy of Tourism and Development”

Rachel Nadelman
“Sitting on a Gold Mine: EI Salvador’s Departure from Extractive-led Economic Growth”

Yelena Osipova
“Public Diplomacy in Transition: Negotiating Identity and Soft Power in Russia”

Sharon E. Rogers
“Localizing International Gender Equality Norms in Cambodia: Civil Servants as Intermediaries of Change”

Nicholas Smith
“Why Variance Matters: A Mixed Methods Approach to Microcredit Impact Evaluation”

Kate Tennis
“Contentious Cooperation: Migration Management between Sending and Receiving States ”

School of Communication

Kenneth Merrill
“Lex Informatica 2.0: The Geopolitics of Country Code Top-level Domains”

Tijana Milosevic
“Cyberbullying Policies of Online Service Providers: Towards Digital Dignity”

School of Public Affairs

Gail Baitinger
“If It’s Sunday, It’s Meet the Men: Examining Gender Differences on the Sunday Morning Talk Shows”

Maya Barak
“A Reciprocal Approach to Legal Consciousness and Procedural Justice: A Study”

Manjyot Bhan
“Are Partnerships the Answer?: Overcoming Limits and Constraints of the U.S. Environmental Framework”

Amanda L Janis
“Understanding Context, Moderators, and Implications of Executive Turnover in Nonprofit Organizations”

Tofigh Maboudi
“Polyarchic Constitution Marking: Citizen Participation, Elite Inclusiveness, and Constitutional Durability”

Edward W. Malone
“Bureaucratic Representation of Nationality in Intergovernmental Organizations”

Yusra Shawar
“Health Intervention Politics and Agenda Setting: The Case of Surgical Care’s Political Priority on Global & National Levels”

Marcela Torres
“Multicultural Laws, Indigenous Mobilization and State strength in Latin America”


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