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    Tubman, Jonathan G.
    Vice Provost for Research & Dean of Graduate Studies

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About Department Chairs

Department chairs provide primary leadership in teaching units at American University, actively balancing the needs and the will of departmental faculty with the policies and procedures of the University and limitations imposed by the University budget. There is a common set of expectations for departmental chairs regarding the operation of their departments and the supervision of faculty and student members of their departments. A department chair is responsible for the execution of administrative functions, faculty and personnel functions, liaison, student-related and leadership functions, in a timely manner. Of greatest importance to graduate students are the following functions coordinated by the department chair: Academic advisement, encouraging student clubs and organizations, resolution of student complaints, informing students of registration and enrollment procedures, as well as assuring that students have access to courses required for graduation.

Department Chairs

Chair Department
College of Arts & Sciences
Vester, Katarina American Studies
Leap, William Anthropology
Montes-Armenteros, Chemi Art
Carlini, David Biology
Girard, James Chemistry
Sofia, Ulysses Computer Science
Blecker, Robert Economics
Cheh, Albert Environmental Science
Nadell, Pam History
Leff, Lisa Jewish Studies
Rojer, Olga Language & Foreign Studies
Leonard, Keith Literature
Adler, Jeff Mathematics/Statistics
Benadon, Fernando Performing Arts
Sofia, Ulysses Physics
Riley, Anthony Psychology
Irvine-Belson, Sarah SETH (School of Education, Teaching & Health)
Blankenship, Kim Sociology
Young, Gay Women & Gender Studies
Kogod School of Business
Adhikari, Ajay Accounting
Anderson, Ron Finance & Real Estate
Wasil, Edward Information Technology
Elms, Heather International Business
Holmberg, Stevan Management
Mitra, Anusree Marketing
School of International Service
Lusane, Clarence Comparative & Regional Studies
Chin, Christine International Communication
Hirschmann, David International Development
Conca, Ken Global Environmental Politics
Murray, Shoon U.S. Foreign Policy
Fisher, Ronald International Peace & Conflict Resolution
Gutner, Tamar International Politics & International Economic Relations
School of Communication
Montgomery, Kathryn Communication Studies
Olmsted, Jill Journalism
Steinhorn, Leonard Public Communications
Douglass, John Film & Media Arts
School of Public Affairs
Nelson, Candice
Bennett, Richard
Justice, Law & Criminology
Jacknowitz, Alison
Public Admin & Policy
Washington College of Law
Varona, Anthony Law
Vladeck, Stephen Law
University Library
Ho, Clement Library