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Graduate Feeder Scholars Program

FAMU Representives

American University is pleased to participate in the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) Graduate Feeder Scholars Program. The program aims to provide a pathway for graduates of FAMU to attain graduate education not available at FAMU. AU has been a partner since 1997.

AU participates in this program by:

  • Waiving the AU application fee.
  • Assigning a liaison to assist with the AU application process.
  • Mentorship from application through graduation.
  • Possible financial assistance for admitted students who have completed the feeder program.

To be eligible for this program the FAMU student should have a 3.3 undergraduate GPA at the time of application.

AU Graduate Degree Programs

American University offers a variety of doctoral and master's programs. Whether you are interested in studying game design, economics, film, or international affairs, AU offers a vast array of top-ranking academic programs.

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Student Testimonial

I was better equipped in the decision to apply to American University.

Although I had the support of family, friends and professors, making the decision to pursue graduate school was a challenge. There was so much information to digest regarding post-undergraduate life and I underestimated how stressful it could be.

Without the Graduate Feeder Scholars Program, I’m not sure if I would have had such a smooth transition to AU’s School of Communication as a Journalism and Digital Storytelling student or to the DC area.