Kiyoka DoiguchiJapan
Elta Level: 6

ELTA program helped me improve my English skills significantly from various aspects. All the classes were interesting and gave me some good opportunities to gain new vocabulary, make a presentation, and share opinions with other students. Through this program, I could be more confident to communicate with many kinds of people in English and now I don’t hesitate to use my polished English. I’d highly recommend ELTA program for all the students struggling with English.

Nadia MuradNobel peace prize Winner 2018
Elta Level: 5

ELTA is an extraordinary program that has helped me significantly improve my English language skills. ELTA is a program that I will highly recommend to anyone that wants to learn English. My advisors and instructors supported and guided me to learn and navigate the resources available during my time with ELTA.

Diego JaenPanama
ELTA Level: 6

The ELTA classes helped me to enhance my English skills in writing, reading, listening, public speaking, and even learning about American history. With the help of my professors and advisor and in enhancing my English skills with ELTA, I was able to accomplish my goal of applying to Law School at American University. I will be always grateful for this experience which I think is one of the best.

Anoud MohammedSaudi Arabia
ELTA Level: 6

My goal was to improve my English language to be ready for my graduate studies and also to break the fear that I had of studying in a foreign country and a new university. The ELTA instructors helped me a lot in developing my English language skills. My writing techniques improved and I learned how to participate in an academic discussion with other students which is a fundamental thing in law school. I also got the chance to learn more about the history and culture of the United States which made it easier to blend in American society. ELTA's professors taught me how to initiate conversations with people I don't know and let my curiosity rise which leads to more questions, more conversations, and more knowledge. I'm so grateful to be one of ELTA's students. Thank you ELTA.

Montassar AdailiTunisia
ELTA Level: 5

I am very happy to have attended the ELTA program at the American University. I appreciate the wonderful atmosphere in class and outside the class. I also like the way of teaching, English is taught to international students in cultural context where students can learn about both the language and the culture. Technology is highly used in ELTA program and that helps very much. Thanks to ELTA my reading, speaking and writing skills are improved. Interestingly, my score in the English test IELTS escalated from 5.5 before ELTA to 7 after ELTA. In addition to the high quality of academic English I had in ELTA, my day to day English is improved also and I am able to use my English in socializing. I had very excellent teachers and very professional and helpful administrators. It is unforgettable experience in my career.

Sameer ShakhshirPalestine
ELTA Level: 6

ELTA is a fabulous program taught by a highly qualified and dedicated team of teachers. This program has exceeded my expectations and been a great experience by all means; it’s definitely not limited to linguistics, but way beyond that. The work assigned to students gives no choice but to flourish their English language, develop their presentation skills, and most importantly their discussion leading skills.

Sara ValeriVenezuela
ELTA Level: 4

ELTA is a qualified program that is going to take your English, as well as your professional and academic skills to the next level. It is a really intensive program. With a lot of work but also a really broad opportunity to learn, with a beautiful and comfy environment that American University and D.C. provides. The instructors were A+, really good. I learned a lot, and now I feel more prepared in advanced academic activities.

Samba Coulibaly Mali
ELTA Level: 5

ELTA is an exceptional program for learning English because it makes you fluent as well as helps you to be a well prepared student in university life. It has incredible teachers who are willing to improve your English skills in so many ways and help you to become a stronger critical thinker, which is the unique part of it. The good thing about this program is, it's not only focused on improving your spoken and written English but also cultivating your mind. Here I learned how to build self-confidence, interact with others, become a good listener, think and learn deeply, and appreciate diversity. Indeed, I strongly recommend ELTA for future students. It is a life changing experience.

Xiaofeng HuangChina
ELTA Level: 6

As a previous working professional, I come to the U.S. to advance my career development by pursuing my grad studies. I was worried about my academic performance since I had been out of campus for a while and I was still not confident about my English abilities. Luckily, I found ELTA. Besides helping me in gaining confidence and skills I need, this program has students of very diverse background, which made it possible for me to make some really awesome friends. ELTA is a great program.

Yoko Nagashima Japan
ELTA Level: 6

If you want to learn English because you are focusing on your future goals, I would definitely recommend ELTA. My favorite part of ELTA is their system that divides students not only based on their English skill level but also on the next steps that students want to achieve after they complete ELTA. Even though we came from different countries and we had individual opinions, our experience was similar and we could discuss many advanced topics such as politics, economics, business, and history. 

I believe the most efficient and effective way of learning English is using it constantly. In this program, since the classes are small, we have many opportunities to share our opinions with our classmates. Also, skilled instructors can give a lot of spontaneous feedback, and we can learn from the mistakes that we made in class! In addition, I read so many materials to prepare for the class more than I ever had to read before. Although some of the topics were challenging, this experience absolutely improved all of my English skills. I find that participation is necessary to learn in the United States. Therefore, I highly recommend ELTA for prospective students who want to gain useful English!!

Fumitaka ChoJapan
ELTA Level: 4

ELTA broadened my perspective to various kinds of English such as vocabulary in daily conversation and literature. In addition, it was great experience for me to meet students from various countries. It was a small class and full of homey atmosphere, which really contributed to our learning. I strongly recommend ELTA to future students.

Kate PrysiazhniukUkraine
ELTA Level: 6

[The] ELTA program is a great way to improve your spoken and written English. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for students to learn about American history and culture, as well as explore Washington DC. I met a lot of wonderful people from different countries who will stay my friends forever. In addition, ELTA program has patient and caring teachers, who are really engaged with the students and passionate about our success. I hope that this program will continue to help many students to achieve their goals, just as it helped me.

Mei XueChina
ELTA Level: 6

This is my second semester in ELTA. I cannot help saying thanks to ELTA since my English has exploded here. I never felt so confident to communicate with people in English even though I have been learning English for more than 30 years since I was 7 years old. We not only have excellent teachers who are all very high quality in teaching, but we can also take advantage of the great resources from AU and other neighbor universities around DC, like libraries, academic support, learning centers, social clubs, even gyms and swimming pools.

Furthermore, we have diversity of our classmates who come from all over the world with all kinds of careers so we can easily make great friendships. It has helped me to make good preparation for further positions in my career. By the way, the teachers always challenge us and are very responsible to their students. You have to study hard, but you will really benefit a lot from ELTA.

Application Deadlines

Summer 2024

  • International Deadline: April 1, 2024
  • Domestic Deadline: May 15, 2024

Fall 2024

  • International Deadline: June 1, 2024
  • Domestic Deadline:  August 15, 2024

Spring 2025

  • International Deadline: December 1, 2024
  • Domestic Deadline: January 5, 2024