Nicole Iannella

Internship: Running Start
Hometown: Jamaica Plain, MA
After AU Gap: Harvard University

I was intrigued by the unique gap-year internship, considering that not many 18-year-olds have the opportunity to intern three days a week in the middle of such a major city. More about Nicole

Howey Qiu

Internship: 1776
Hometown: Mystic, CT
After AU Gap: University of Chicago

I chose to participate in the AU Gap Program because I already knew I wanted to come to DC, find an internship, and take classes, and the AU Gap Program offered all three of those things. More about Howey

Brooke Sherman

Internship: Capitol Hill
Senator Richard Blumental's Office
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
After AU Gap: McGill University

I looked for programs in Washington, D.C. because I could pursue my interest in politics/economics and experience the city during an unprecedented election year. When I discovered the AU Gap program, I thought, "it's almost as if this was tailor-made for me." More about Brooke

Oonagh Cavanagh

Internship: Earth Day Network
Hometown: Underhill, VT
After AU Gap: University of Vermont

I really love that DC has so much to offer. You can find an organization or event in DC for just about every interest you can think of. More about Oonagh

Joseph Caplis

Internship: The Federalist Society
Hometown: Englewood, CO
After AU Gap: University of Mississippi

"Between having the opportunity to meet some of DC's most incredible minds, getting a unique insight into the inner-workings of the world's most important city and spending time exploring all the things DC has to offer, I think it's impossible to decide what was the best moment!" More about Joseph

Jemima Ford

Internship: Center for International Studies and Development
Hometown: London, England
After AU Gap: University of St. Andrews

The AU Gap program allows me to feel like I'm growing academically with classroom-based learning, but also gaining real world knowledge through my internship and the cosmopolitan environment and opportunities that surround me. More about Jemima

Wyatt Dobrovich-Fago

Internship: Laura Ingraham Radio Show
Hometown: Neptune, NJ

"A major advantage of taking a gap year in a city such as Washington D.C is going to all the networking events, as well as exploring museums and historical sights. Opportunities such as visiting the U.S Capitol Building transfixed my love for politics and reaffirmed my aspirations of pursuing a career in media. Experiences like these are what makes taking a gap year worth it." More about Wyatt