Washington Semester Professor Jeff Crouch Publishes New Book on Presidential Power

The Unitary Executive Theory By Jeff CrouchAmerican University is pleased to announce a new book written by School of Professional & Extended Studies Assistant Professor Dr. Jeffrey Crouch, one of the nation’s leading experts on presidential pardons. The Unitary Executive Theory: A Danger to Constitutional Government, his second book, is a much-needed primer on presidential power, co-authored with Mark J. Rozell and Mitchel A. Sollenberger, and covers executive power from the nation’s founding through Donald Trump’s impeachment.

The current president has stated, “I have an Article II,” citing the US Constitution, “where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.” Though this statement would have come as a shock to the framers of the Constitution, it fairly sums up the essence of “the unitary executive theory.” This theory, which emerged during the Reagan administration and gathered strength with every subsequent presidency, counters the system of checks and balances that constrains a president's executive impulses. It also, the authors contend, counters the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Crouch is the Editor of Congress & the Presidency journal and a Fellow at the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies (CCPS). Dr. Crouch’s research focuses primarily on federal executive clemency, also known as the presidential pardon power. His first book, The Presidential Pardon Power, was released in 2009.

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