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Summer Concentrations

The Washington Semester Summer Internship Program provides a platform for ambitious and diverse learners to take advantage of all that Washington, D.C., has to offer. You will learn from real-world leaders and experts who are making a difference in their field. Your professor will lead you through the nation's capital to go behind the scenes in government, non-profit and corporate settings.

You can select from one of the following colloquia. Click on the links below to download a PDF of each of the course descriptions, which may be a helpful resource when discussing potential transfer of credit with your home school.

The Washington Semester Program reserves the right to cancel a colloquium should the number of admitted students not meet the minimum required to be able to offer the course.

Global Economics and Business
3 credits
Gain in-depth knowledge of pertinent and current topics in economics and global business. Students will engage with a variety of practitioners and experts on issues of current significance.
International Affairs
3 credits
Gain in-depth understanding of the world of foreign policy while examining emerging issues on the world stage. Students will meet with decision makers and experts in international relations, the State Department, Congress, think tanks, embassies, and international organizations.
Non-Profit Careers
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3 credits
Focus on politics, policy, and community issues as they pertain to non-profit professionals and organizations. Meet with representatives from government agencies, the advocacy and litigation community, grassroots non-profit organizations, and policy organizations.
Professional Development in D.C.
1 credit
Topics ranging from resume building to networking opportunities to career planning. Learn how to leverage past work experience and skill-building opportunities via in-depth career training, along with a customized internship experience.
U.S. Government
3 credits
Get in-depth knowledge of United States political institutions.
Gain valuable insights by meeting with political experts and travel to various locations throughout Washington, D.C.

Summer 2020 Elective OPTIONS

The Making of the President 2020
Campaigns are not just the product of today: they are the result of cutting-edge changes in political history, culture, and media over the past half-century. The 2020 election represents the latest epoch in this endeavor. The course will examine how the roles of personality, political party, and issues affect elections, with particular attention to the 2020 campaign, and understanding that elections are products of the past and visions of the future.
Research Project Course
3 credits
In this course, you will complete an original, in-depth research paper pursuing a question of interest to them with relevance to their academic area of study. Projects are substantive and conducted with the support and supervision of a faculty member. Students are encouraged to utilize the resources of the city through interviews, surveys, and examination of primary and secondary sources from government and private sector organizations.

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