Graduate Student Financial Aid

Graduate school can be expensive. However, at American University, you have many options. See below for listings of opportunities, scholarships, fellowships, stipends, and loans. You can receive funding as you begin or during of your graduate education. To be eligible, however, you need to apply!

Office of Financial Aid

AU's Office of Financial Aid will help you in the process of securing federal loans and grants to help support your graduate education. In order to determine your eligibility for federal education assistance, you will need to complete the FAFSA form. The Office of Financial Aid can assist you in this process.

Internal Graduate Financial Aid

Every year, the University provides tens of millions of dollars in financial support for graduate students, separate from federal education assistance. This support may take the form of a partial or full discount on tuition or stipends for work as a research or teaching assistant, as well as scholarships and fellowships. Each college or school distributes funds to their students. Ask your school for more information about these opportunities.

Office of the Provost (Graduate Studies) Funding

The Office of Graduate Studies, as part of the Office of the Provost, is tasked with managing several scholarships for graduate students enrolled at AU. Eligible students for these scholarships may be enrolled in any AU school or college (except Washington College of Law where noted).

Funding is available for graduate students in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Graduate research and conference travel funding is also available. Please contact the specific program you are interested in to learn about targeted funding.

The Kogod School of Business offers partial scholarships to students in all our graduate programs. Funding is available to domestic and international students alike, and is not based on financial need. Scholarship recipients typically have excellent academic credentials and exhibit exceptional leadership skills. Students are considered for scholarships based on a holistic review of their application during the admissions process.

SOC offers prestigious merit-based awards to full-time graduate students in partnership with several media organizations. MA candidates receive a scholarship for a designated number of academic credits plus a stipend and an opportunity to pursue professional projects with some of the country's finest media organizations.

The School of International Service offers funding for those interested in degrees with an international focus, including international politics and economics, as well as conflict resolution and peace-building. Funding is also available for non-US citizens interested in SIS programs.

The School of Public Affairs offers funding to students who are studying public administration/policy, criminology and justice, and political science. Travel stipends are also available.