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This page provides resources to support our students who have or are planning to have children. Reach out to the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies ( with additional questions or feedback about this site.

If you are the parent or family member of an AU student looking for the Parent & Family Engagement team, click here.

As you balance your time, whether you are a parent beginning your studies at AU or becoming a parent while studying, we hope that these resources provide a starting point to support you on your academic journey:

  • On-campus child care: The AU Child Development Center offers care for children between 2.5- and 6-years old. Tuition discounts are available for full-time students.
  • Space for nursing parents: Between main campus, satellite locations, and WCL, we have 6 dedicated, private spaces for our nursing parents. Find those locations on this site.
  • Come together with other student parents: We are organizing a Parent and Caregivers club on campus for students who have children and/or significant caregiving responsibilities. Our objective as a club would be to build a community to support student parents, to organize meetups and family-friendly activities, and to advocate for parent supports on campus. Parents of all identities and background are welcome, including prospective parents and anyone interested in family policy/advocacy. Email if you are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations! Talking to your academic advisor is a great place to start as you think about the options and make decisions that are best for your family.

You are able to pause your studies by taking a medical leave of absence or a general leave of absence. This process begins with your academic advisor so connect with them as soon as possible. Other things your advisor can help you with as your family grows:

  • Understanding the impact a leave may have on any merit awards you receive through the university
  • Connecting you with the Office of Financial Aid to determine impact on federal awards.
  • Working with your faculty to accommodate missed classes for things like doctor's appointments.

The Office of Equity and Title IX supports AU students, faculty, and staff in requesting reasonable accommodations as a result of pregnancy or childbirth. This may include things like a larger desk, permitting temporary access to elevators, and providing alternatives to make up missed work. Learn more on their website.

Yes! Our Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) has academic coaches to help you develop time management strategies, study skills, and more. Learn more about academic coaches and make an appointment here.

There is no policy supporting or against children accompanying their student parent to AU programs so the best thing to do is ask. Reach out to the event contact or planner and ask if families are welcome.