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Improve Learning Outcomes

Learn to create and improve instructional materials to ensure student success across the corporate, non-profit, government, military, and education sectors. Whether used during trainings in conference rooms or classrooms, our expert-developed program will 

Career Outlook: Thrive in a Growing Field

According to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations related to a master’s degree in instructional design and learning analytics will have 280,400 estimated job openings due to replacement from 2014-2024 and an additional 170,000 new jobs that will be created by 2024. This amounts to 450,400 total job openings through 2024.1

Occupations related to learning analytics and instructional design management are expected to grow at above the national average projected growth, making the field a promising one for ongoing career satisfaction and advancement.

Job Title Median Salary
Chief Learning Officer $132,286
Chief Compliance Officer $112,964
Organizational Development Manager $86,226
Training Director $83,423
Learning Management Systems Analyst $63,856
Instructional Designer $60,864



This flexible, fully online program was developed in consultation with an advisory council of current instructional design and talent development professionals to ensure that it reflects the most current thinking and research in instructional design.

In this 20-month, 30-credit program, you will:

  • Identify and apply best practices in instructional design.
  • Evaluate a variety of adult learning theories and compare their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify appropriate descriptive, prescriptive and evaluative analytic approaches for learning.
  • Evaluate and assess learning initiatives for effectiveness and ROI.
  • Create strategies for improving the planning, implementation and management of strategic learning initiatives based on analytics.
  • Examine technological alternatives and trends to measuring and evaluating learning.
  • Assess the importance of integrity, accountability, and diversity in effecting virtual teams and projects.
  • Develop strategic problem-solving proficiencies for complex and sensitive learning and development issues impacting an organization, industry or business unit.