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All first-time full-time freshmen are asked to complete the Freshmen Census during their first week at American University. This national freshmen survey, affiliated with the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA, gathers information on many different aspects of previous experience as well as expectations for college. Because the survey is administered to thousands of freshmen across the country, it provides valuable comparative information as well. American University is a charter member of the HERI Cooperative Institutional Research Project and has been participating in this survey since its inception in 1973. Traditionally, the results of this survey receive attention in the national media. 

Fall 2013 Selected Results

  • Freshmen are also drawn to AU’s global orientation. Most students (82%) want to improve their understanding of other countries. Study abroad is a very important reason for an increasing percentage of students to choose AU (74%).
  • AU students display high aspirations. Most respondents reported planning to continue their education after graduation: 45% plan to get a master's degree, 21% a Ph.D., and 15% a law degree. Seventy-two percent reported that becoming an authority in their field is a very important or essential goal.
  • Students share AU’s political focus. AU freshmen report frequently discussing politics (58%). Keeping up to date with political affairs was listed as a very important or essential goal by 72% of respondents.
  • Students are also socially conscious. Many AU freshmen reported that it is very important or essential to become community leaders (60%).
  • Freshmen at AU are also environmentally conscious. Fifty-three percent of respondents said it is a very important or essential goal for them to adopt green practices to protect the environment.

Latest Survey Reports (available to selected AU community members) -

Fall 2012
Fall 2013